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Puppies & Kittens - FREE!

 ....Or practically free!  Specials are on right now at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) and at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.  

Contact PACC for details:  

520.243.5900 or visit 4000 N. Silverbell

Reach the HSSAZ:

3450 N. Kelvin boulevard & 327-6088.  

Adoption fees vary at the HSSAZ, but right now...they are, unfortunately, packed with over FIVE HUNDRED!!!!!! they are waiving adoption fees through the rest of the month on all cats over five months old and all mixed-breed dogs over five months old who weigh at least 25 pounds

Yup - free cats and free dogs!  Donations are also always welcome.





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Happy St. Patty's and Buon Viaggio!

Yesterday was March 14th - three days before St. Patty's day - is it possible that Irish Eyes are smiling upon me?  I think I drank one of the first green beers available in Tucson!  It was even more delicious than what I expect to drink in a few days.  In fact, for now, I say goodbye for a couple of weeks.  I'll be taking a vacation to go overseas to my very favorite place in the world - Italy!  Expect to be completely bored by pictures of my trip.  I always hate pretending to be interested by others' travels, so I expect the same treatment - please and thank you!  Happy St. Patricks to you all!  





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Cooking with the REAL Star

Last evening, I was so thrilled to take part in the annual Cooking with the Stars event at Sakura which benefits the Easter Seals Blake Foundation.  In addition to funding a worthy cause, it is SO much fun!  Invited stars (not sure how I made it into the mix) got free free reign behind Sakura's teppanyaki tables to serve guests, tried not to singe off eyebrows, and attempted to avoid salmonella poisoning (no reports yet!).  One of the highlights of the evening, however, was meeting the real star of the show - Coach Lute Olson!   He said that he and the team participated in the event for 16!! years when he was actively coaching.  To meet the man that so many people across Arizona regard so highly - and to see him continuing to give back to a city that so appreciates him, was really touching.  Particularly in the wake of the Penn State scandal, it was humbling to meet a man as genuinely commited to the good of Arizona as Coach Lute OIson was and is.  Below, you can find a link to the Easter Seals Blake Foundation - an organization definitely worth a second look and maybe a lot of your extra cash, too!!


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Did you know?...

      25% of the pets found at one of our local rescues - The Humane Society of Southern Arizona - are purebred!  If you're looking for the most beautiful, prize-winning pooch in the pack, you don't have to turn to a pet store; the HSSAZ is packed with dogs, cats and other animals looking for a forever home.  If you don't find a perfect purebred to complete your brood, you can always take home a mixed breed and get one of those cool "I love my mutt" bumper stickers for your car!   


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Did you meet yourself?

Were you one of the over 100,000 people downtown who stood up to the over-the-top October temperatures to get a mouthful of the action at this year's Tucson Meet Yourself festival?  If not, you missed out.  This is the kind of festival that you fast for in advance, break out the stretchy pants for, and - without any reservations - walk around in public holding a plate piled high with lo-mein noodles stacked on top of a bowl of tiramisu.

    If you don't know anything about this event, it's nick-named Tucson "Eat" Yourself because of the many, many, many food vendors representing all different parts of the country, but still proudly showing their Tucson pride.  Thanks to the good people at the Polish food stand for my first Pierogi (mmmmm), the fantastic people at the Vietnamese stand for the 2 for $1 veggie spring rolls (mmmmmmmm), and the wonderful people at the Spanish food stand for the Churros straight out of the fryer (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)! Hope you had an equally delicious time meeting yourself!


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Coolest. Baby. Ever.

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Working hard or hardly working?

We do our best to put on a good show every day, but on our lunch breaks.....

Thanks, Alex, for taking this flattering picture!

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Fall fun not far away....

You think autumn, and chances are you may think the changing colors found in the aspens of Colorado or grabbing a jacket and heading apple picking out in the Northeast, but truth be told, there's tons of fun to be had right here in the desert. Meghan Preston is a creative writer from Northern Arizona University. As an aspiring writer she specializes in writing about travel destinations and tourism in the Southwest region. Here, she highlights some autumn events in our backyard.


Now that autumn is here, it's time for that yearly visit to the pumpkin farm. Located just 22 miles west of Tucson on West Ajo Way (Rte. 86 W) is the Buckelew Farm Pumpkin Festival and Corn Maze. Open four weekends in October from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., join in on the fun and visit the 50 acre pumpkin patch and 11 acre corn maze. For some Halloween fun, those who are age 13 and older are able to check out the Terror in the Corn on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 P.M. to 12 MN.

The pumpkin festival is for all ages and will include a horse drawn wagon ride, both to and from the pumpkin patch, a visit to the 4-H petting zoo to feed and pet the animals, an arts and crafts tent, and fun filled festival game. Pumpkins are taken to the weighing station where they are weighed and priced for 50 cents a pound. There will also be pedal car races for the racing fanatics, and opportunities to chow down on food. Buckelew Farm has great excellent accommodations to complete for a fun fall weekend at the pumpkin festival. Tickets are available for $4.00 a person, while toddlers and babies are free.

With over 4 miles of trails winding through 2 different newly designed corn mazes, you can test out your navigational skills at the Corn Maze as well. To keep our guests from getting lost, there are 12 checkout points, so there is no need to worry while enjoying a walk through the corn maze. The maze will be open to all and tickets are available for cheap. There will also be a haunted maze trip for visitors who are over the age of 13. Live actors will be ready to test the nerves of even the brave. Terror in the Corn is open from 6pm to 12am on Fridays and Saturdays each weekend in October. The festival and corn maze are two great events for a fall weekend.

Another great event in the Tucson area is The 5th Annual Copper Chef Challenge and Barbeque, which is the most popular family event hosted by the Tucson Originals. There will be plenty of barbeque and brunch prepared by Tucson Originals restaurants. In addition, there will be a pumpkin carving contest, youth cooking demonstrations, surprise throw downs, and the Copper Chef Challenge.

The event will take place on Sunday, October 30 from 11am to 3pm at the Kiva Patio and Ballroom at Loews Ventana Canyon. A portion of the proceeds raised during the Copper Chef Challenge and Barbeque will be donated to New Beginnings for Women and Children. New Beginnings for Women and Children works to serve homeless women and children in the area by providing them Tucson apartments and homes to live in.

Certainly the fall is an enjoyable time to live in Tucson, because of the weather cooling down a bit and the onset of football. There are some great events coming up that provide an excellent opportunity to get involved in the community and enjoy some great activities and food in Tucson.

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         Sooo...we may not be ranked #1 (yet?), but who cares?  Is it just me, or are BearDown Fridays, tailgating, and recovering with greasy treats after the game the best part of the football season?  Yes, you say, it is just me.  Still, come out to BearDown Fridays, and be SURE to visit the giant green CW tent.  After that, go heckle Jody Oehler at the ESPN tent.  We'll challenge you to some moderately difficult games for some pretty awesome prizes.  Alex will see you out there this Friday, and be sure to visit me down there the Friday before Homecoming on Friday, November 4th.  BearDown, Arizona! 


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Thanks to the Tucson Ladies Council

I was so honored to take part in the Tucson Ladies Council Fashion Show this weekend not only because it's a great excuse to dress up, but much more importantly, because the proceeds go to one of the most worthy causes in Tucson.

Earlier in the week on the Blend, we met Giovanni, a recipient of care from Tu Nidito. According to their mission statement, Tu Nidito Children and Family Services "provides comfort, hope and support for children and families whose lives have been impacted by a serious illness or death." It is incredibly easy to go through the motions of our day with regard only for ourselves (I know - I do it weekly), until you meet a family like Giovanni's. I walked the TLC runway with arguably one of the cutest girls I've ever seen - Gabby. Though she looked terrified on the runway, trust me, she had the biggest smile on her face as soon as we were offstage! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to the TLC for including me in this event. I am honored. Please, take a look at the links below to revisit the Morning Blend segment with Giovanni's family, as well as a link to the Tu Nidito website

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