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Amanda Guralski, an engaging entrepreneur who enjoys sparking the ambition of others, is thrilled to join the Morning Blend as co-host. Challenging others to pursue dreams and discover their potential is what fuels Amanda. There is a journey behind every person and Amanda loves hearing the story behind the passion. Her unstoppable energy and contagious enthusiasm drives her tremendous initiative to inspire. Her successful pursuits emphasize how easily she relates to an audience whether as publisher of an online magazine that mentors young professional women, motivational speaker, career coach, brand and image consultant, story contributor to Radar Online and E! or as the author of I am Not a Smartie Pants.  

Amanda has made many guest appearances on Milwaukee’s Morning Blend, KARE 11 in Minnesota, WGN in Chicago and Real Milwaukee.  Although a Midwesterner, Amanda has “fallen in love with the history of Tucson, the foothills, the sunsets, the Wildcats and of course the cacti!”




Maria Parmigiani joins us from Wisconsin where she worked on the CW station in Green Bay, WI.

When she wasn't busy with her job on CW she created fun pieces while feature reporting on the Fox station. And, she filled in as one of three morning hosts on the number 1 radio station in Green Bay.

Before going to Green Bay, WI she interned on the Morning Blend in Milwaukee, WI. Where she got a taste of the morning blend brand and knew she wanted to work with it further.

Maria graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Milwaukee, WI with a major in communication.

While living in Milwaukee Maria met a man named Joe who later became the love of her life, her husband and the father of their beautiful daughter.

Maria is an Army wife. Her husband’s career in flying U.A.Vs brought them to Arizona.