Halloween Magic
Monday, Oct 29, 2012

 Ever since Michael Howell was a young boy, he had two passions-- performing magic and caring for his animals. He would create “shows” in his back yard. His family would all help out-- his dad would make the illusions, his brothers would move sets and run sound, his mom would create costumes and his sister was always the lovely assistant. Then all the household pets were included-- the bunny would appear, the dog would magically disappear, and the balloon would change into a bird!

As Michael has grown, so has his two passions. He has become a professional illusionist with full stage illusions. He has also begun to take in more animals that have needed homes or to be rescued from abusive situations-- a total of 37! His “ark” consists of horses, dogs, doves, a parrot, goats,tortioses and 2 peacocks. And yes, most of them have been featured in his shows.
Michael's goal is to still continue to expand both of his passions. He continuously works at creating more illusions, building his shows and making a name for himself that the world will always remember. He also hopes to be able to open an animal shelter, to care and rescue animals that have been abused or abandoned.