Quacking for a Cancer Cure
Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012

Monica Sandoval, 16, was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 13 years old.   At the Aflac Cancer Center where Monica receives treatment, she has displayed a knack for boosting the spirits of her fellow patients. She has organized parties, including a mock prom, and dressed up girls as princesses and boys as pirates.   Monica has a tough side, too: Earlier this year, she earned a green belt in Tae Kwon Do so that she can, “Kick Cancer’s Butt!” So, it’s not surprising that when this amazing young lady came up with her own unique design for the Aflac holiday duck, the company made it the 2012 centerpiece for a campaign that has raised millions of dollars for cancer research since it began 12 years ago.  Monica’s whimsical design of a duck with reindeer antlers was selected to become the first-ever patient-designed Aflac holiday duck. Aflac and Macy’s sell the plush ducks every holiday season to raise funds for pediatric care and research at participating Macys and at www.aflacholidayduck.com .