Merry Online Christmas
Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

The e-conomic weather outside is frightful, but e-commerce is so delightful! With the 2012 U.S.
eCommerce retail market size anticipated to total $345 billion, it seems that online retailers are
poised to have an even more holly, jolly Christmas this year!Will your cyber-shopping experience
be merry and bright?
Technology Contributor, Natali Morris predicts yuletide cheers for the 70% of shoppers looking to
online shop this year. Her advice? Before sitting down to shop on your home computer, tablet,
or smartphone, make sure you know your way around the web: which sites are the easiest to
navigate? How can you make the process easy and secure? Do you know how to use a digital
wallet? Public network vs. your home network? We have the answers to help you skip the
shopping mall and go straight through to checkout!