Connected or Addicted
Thursday, Dec 13, 2012

We see it everyday, everywhere, people using their Smartphone’s….all day long and in every circumstance imaginable. Now, a new global study from Cisco shows that for 18-30 year olds, their mobile device is an indispensable part of their lives.  Some even said they would feel VERY ANXIOUS and WOULD GO THROUGH WITHDRAWAL if they couldn’t check their Smartphones. The new norm: for Gen Y the morning routine getting ready for school or work now includes checking smartphones for texts, emails & social media updates–  as important to them as shave, shower, and dress.  But it’s not just a matter of routine for Millennials to check their mobile devices first thing in the AM…there are other ways Gen Y stays connected. Did you know that 3 out of 4 respondents use smartphones in bed? (However, there is no mention in the study about HOW they use them in bed.)