Author Mark Bego
Thursday, Jan 31, 2013

Mark Bego enters 2013 with the publication of his first novel, which is his 60th published book and his first work of fiction: Murder at Motor City Records. It is an exciting homage to Agatha Christie mysteries, Dashiell Hammett and James M. Cain crime novels, and the music of his hometown of Detroit. According to the back cover: "Detective Marcus Rusk grew up in Detroit loving the wonderful ’60s and ’70s sounds of the music that came from Motor City Records. However, the evening after the label’s 35th Anniversary reunion show, someone wants the president of the record company dead. Who killed Harry Stone? It seems that everyone on the label has a motive for wanting him erased, including: Cheryl Lamour—the star of the singing trio The Elations, bitchy diva Roxanne Wills, icy songstress Vicki Vance, bisexual crooner Jamison Burke, Harry’s ex-wife Laura, sexually confused Roger Washington, and Harry’s business partners—Sammy Solar and William Blue. Rusk faces his most challenging case—the murder of Harry Stone—which takes him on a trail of interviewing all of his favorite Motor City music stars. Author Mark Bego takes the reader on an entertaining and cocktail-filled ride through the streets of Detroit to solve Detective Rusk’s most fascinating case." It is an exciting mix of diva fights, rivalries, hit singles, and a crime of passion.