Friday, Feb 8, 2013


BAG IT provides resources to newly diagnosed cancer patients in Tucson and Southern Arizona
AT NOT CHARGE. BAG IT is given out by surgeons, oncologists, and radiologists at the first
visit. It includes a personal medical binder and publications that help people cope with cancer
and communicate more easily with their medical team.



24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Ride – BAG IT is the primary beneficiary of the charitable proceeds generated by the event. The "24 Hours in the Old Pueblo" is a team relay and solo rider mountain bike event. The race will begin at 12:00PM on Saturday, Feb. 15 and end 24 long, grueling hours later at 12:00 PM Sunday, Feb. 17. The course will consist of a 17-mile loop including eight miles of single track. The trails for this course have been designed specifically for 24 hour desert racing.