Are You a Drug Addict?
Monday, Feb 18, 2013


Will Your Family Doctor Turn You Into a Drug Addict in 2013, Like Lindsay Lohan’s Did to Her?
According to The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), 1.9 million Americans have 
taken Oxycodone for recreational drug use. Prescription drugs have become the drug of 
choice for recreational use, and most people get them from their family doctors.  
Recently NBC News reported a major crackdown on prescription drug abuse resulted in 
nearly 100 people being arrested and charged in New York City and Long Island.
According to Dr. William Belfar, “Obtaining recreational drugs from your family doctor has 
become an epidemic in America.  Even the rich and famous like Lindsay Lohan, Rush 
Limbaugh, Macaulay Caulkin… everybody’s doing it.”
How Do You Know If Your Doctor Has Turned You Into An Addict?