Casa Libre en la Solana
Monday, Apr 15, 2013

 The mission of Casa Libre en la Solana, since its inception, has been to support and enhance

the creativity of professional and novice writers by providing a community venue for classes,
readings, and other professional development opportunities. As a community venue, Casa Libre
holds creative writing workshops and reading/performance series, including, Edge: a Reading
Series of Emerging and Younger Writers, which has been in existence for two years. Among
the other jewels in our desert crown, Casa hosts Trickhouse Live! (collaboration with the on-line
journal Trickhouse), the Lamplight Reading Series, Made for Flight (a Transgender youth and
ally empowerment workshop series), University of Arizona’s MFA program’s monthly Works-In-
Progress readings, The Curiosity Symposium, and a variety of collaborative hybrid workshops,
book release events, and film screenings.
Trans and Genderqueer Poetry Symposium
May 9-12